Hill CAD’s office is open to the public effective Monday May 11th. Visitors are asked to follow current social distancing guidelines in an effort to promote the safety of everyone. This will require a limited alteration to our normal appeal process. We encourage the public to have informal conferences to discuss your appraised value over the telephone or by email. You can contact an appraiser at 254-582-2508 or a list of appraiser email addresses is located on this website. If you wish to have an in-person informal conference, please call to make an appointment with an appraiser. Our lobby area is small so a limited number of people will safely fit, it is best to come in by yourself.
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If you choose to file a protest, you have two options, using the protest form included with the Notice of Appraised Value, or by filing electronically using our E-File system. If you have multiple properties to protest, you must file each property separately.
ARB hearings at this time are expected to be held in the same manner as in the past with a few social distancing safety changes. You may still send in a sworn affidavit to the ARB instead of attending in person. If you request a telephone hearing, please remember that your evidence must be sent to our office prior to the hearing date and submitted by sworn affidavit.
PLEASE NOTE the deadline to file a protest of May 15th has been extended to 30 days from the date of your appraisal notice. Any protest postmarked after that date is untimely and will not be considered.
We feel confident that the precautions that we have put into place will be responsive to the public and also promote safety. If you have an urgent matter and do not feel like we have promptly responded, please call me on my cell phone 254-479-7311.
Thank you for your support, understanding, and cooperation as we continue to work together.
Best Regards,
Mike McKibben
Chief Appraiser

MINERAL APPRAISALS: Hill CAD contracts with Thomas Y Pickett & Company (TYP) for the appraisal of mineral accounts. If you have questions regarding your mineral appraisal, please contact John Burk with TYP at 972-387-4947 or Mr. Burk can better answer any questions on the appraised value on mineral properties.

Welcome To Hill County Appraisal District!

This web page is designed to provide appraisal and tax information on properties located in Hill County, Texas. You will be able to access a variety of information. We are continually working to add more valuable data to this site.

The Hill County Appraisal District’s primary responsibilities include the discovery and listing of all taxable property into the appraisal records; to appraise all taxable property at market value; administer exemptions and special use valuations and basically be a central location for all information used by the taxing jurisdictions in Hill County.

The district serves 37 taxing entities and collects taxes for 19 of those jurisdictions. Hill CAD is currently staffed with 15 property tax professionals.

For personal service, please call 254-582-2508 or visit our office building at 1407 Abbott Avenue in Hillsboro, Texas. Suggestions on how to enhance this web page to better help and serve you may be emailed to

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Mike McKibben